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Enzo & The Bakers

Enzo & The Bakers

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Style: * BLUES *
Blues, Funk, Rock

Member Since: 2004

City: Belleville, NJ

Website: http://www.enzoandthebakers.com/

Events Page: http://www.enzoandthebakers.com/Enzo_sched.html

Formerly known as The Lost SOUL Band, Enzo & the Bakers are worth checking out. Just about 2 years ago they were the first band to play at Max Daniel's debut to the bar scene and have been doing so once a month ever since! Their style and song selection is unique. I'd describe it as blues-driven soul with a funky, rock & roll back beat and if we're lucky, they sometimes take the audience to the soul-clappin' of "church". You may hear artists including but not limited to: Sam Cooke, Freddie King, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Chuck Berry, The Band, Dylan, all the way through Sam & Dave. And don't let the ages of the front men fool you...these guys can belt it out like the Double Dynamite team used to do. The Allman-influenced slide guitar playin' is not to be missed. They are backed by a solid rhythm section and a keyboard player with a chilling hammond sound. It's always a fun time whether you choose to "shake your money maker" on the dance floor or simply have a few beers and enjoy the vintage music.

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