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Kati Beddow Brower

Kati Beddow Brower

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Style: * JAZZ * & * BLUES *
Blues & Jazz

Member Since: 2001

City: Matawan, NJ

Website: http://www.myspace.com/katiandthelil39swingband

Events Page: http://localcommotionwalkinghistory.com

Kati Beddow Brower has been hanging with the Foundation since 1999 but became an official JSJBF member in 2001.
She is a JSJBF Board of Trustee. Kati is also on the Education Committe
as the Educational Programming and Youth Project Director (of the JSJBF's Jazz & Blues Youth Project). She has booked (and continued its upward evolution) one of the smaller stages at the RB Festival (now appropriately named the BackBeat Educational Stage) since 2001.

Kati has a company called LOCAL COMMOTION WALKING HISTORY and has presented a unique musical program called "The Blues and Jazz Queens" at many venues. It is a timeline of blues and jazz songs and the ladies who sang them. Sit back and enjoy some history in the music that makes this country jump. This program along with other Jazz and Blues programs such: Gospel (Salute to Thomas A. Dorsey), Jazz: Birth to Bebop, Rhythms of the Blues (with Kati's new band Lil Swing Band) has been performed at the JSJBF's Jazz and Blues Fesitval 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010.

Kati is owner of Local Commotion Walking History Company. She created her company in the fall of 1993 and it's mission is to integrate performance with education, going beyond the scope of historical text. She has an extensive list of musical and non-musical programs.

Kati loves to sing out and gigs with various players. She loves to the opportunity to sing both Jazz and Blues.

Kati is now in a group named KATI and the LIL' SWING BAND whose talented members include Guitar BO Pezzullo,and Andy Judkis, keyboardist Bill Henry, and others.


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