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Eryn Shewell Band

Eryn Shewell Band

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Style: * JAZZ * & * BLUES *

Member Since: 2008

City: East Windsor, NJ

Website: http://www.ErynShewell.com

Eryn founded her own Eryn Shewell Band in 2007, a group that has grown to up to nine pieces that showcases her original compositions with a few of Eryn’s favorite cover songs thrown in for fun. Within the first year the band was nominated for three Asbury Park Music awards including best female vocalist. She has kept the band busy playing in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Nashville as well as recording her debut album. Eryn pours her heart and soul into her music and puts it all out on display for anybody who will listen. Her songs are personal yet easily accessible. Addicting melodies and catchy hooks draw you in to the experiences of her young life. Her blues-rock songs like "Anymore" are full of attitude, songs like "Simple" are comforting, while "I Don’t Know" and “One More Melody” reflect the doubt of her younger years and “I Want You for Breakfast” is just plain old naughty fun. “Her songs are personal but also quite inviting as they beckon the listener in a breezy laid back manner. Attractive Melodies and catchy hooks lead you down an arabesque path and into a journey of aural color…… Highly recommended stuff from a great songwriter.” - The Aquarian – Shoreworld

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