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Who Can Join JSJBF?

JSJBF is open to anyone interested in supporting Jazz and Blues!

There are different types of membership levels, all memberships come with a Subscription to our quarterly newsletter Jazz & Blues Notes as well as other membership benefits.




Musician Support Program

In an ongoing effort to support and promote Jazz and Blues, JSJBF has created a Musicians' Support Committee. Read here about the benefits of Foundation Membership for Musicians.

Band Benefit Package

In order to assist in the promotion of member artists and bands, JSJBF will provide all current member bands and artists the following benefits:

    A custom Band Summary page will be linked to your Band in our listing. This Summary page includes a LINK to your Website, a 144 pixel wide PHOTO of your band (subject to us receiving your photo), a short paragraph DESCRIPTION of your Band, a link directly to the EVENT PAGE on your website, a custom summary of all your BAND EVENTS we have on our site calendar as well as other useful information such as a listing of CD's you've put out with purchase links. The custom band page provides a quick, consistent way for people coming to our site to find bands of interest and learn about bands they've never heard before. Note that the links and listing are subject to a reciprocal link back to on your Website using the JSJBF member logo.
    Member bands' Jersey Shore Area gigs will be listed on the CALENDAR of Events, the most comprehensive listing of member music events in the region. Gig calendars must be furnished to in a timely manner per the guidelines for listings. Gigs outside the Jersey Shore Area will be listed per the discretion of the webmaster.
    JSJBF will create and update annually a promotional package of member bands including a compilation CD. In order for a band to be included, all required materials must be provided to the Musicians' Support Committee in a timely manner.
    Through advertising incentives in the JSJBF newsletter Jazz & Blues Notes, JSJBF will encourage area clubs and restaurants to employ member artists/bands for their music needs.
  • JSJBF Radio
    In January, we will be trialing an Internet Streaming-Only radio station dedicated to Album oriented plays of our Member bands, particularly smaller bands that may not be able to typically get airplay. "Stay tuned" for more info.
    All complete submissions by member artists/bands received on time will be considered automatically for JSJBF-produced Festivals and Fundraisers and any other official/supported JSJBF music events as appropriate. We now REQURE JSJBF membership for participating bands in our major events (e.g., the Red Bank Jazz and Blues Festival) so it's important that you become and stay a JSJBF member.

How to Get Listed in CALENDAR

Submit your events in a timely manner per the guidelines below. JSJBF member bands are given wider latitude on what constitutes an acceptable listing since it is our goal to assist our member bands first.


  1. Member bands/artists in good standing are given preference.
  2. Any Jazz or Blues event in the Northern Jersey Shore area open to the public.
  3. Music festivals and community events in the Region engaging Jazz or Blues musicians or pertaining to Jazz or Blues, including educational and dramatic events.
  4. Any other Jazz or Blues events deemed to be of interest to site visitors.
    Note: Anyone performing, promoting or producing an event is welcome to submit listings. We give consideration to any events consistent with our mission statement. Organizations showing support for JSJBF in some tangible way are also given preference.


Send calendar info to in a simple and easy-to-read format. We also now have hired people to scour the Band schedules and major event listings to maintain the calendar. In addition, you will shortly be able to directly update your band listings on our site, so you can immediately update and maintain your Calendar listings when necessary. Update priviliges will be taken away if the events do not conform to the basic qualification rules above.


Submit events preferably one month in advance to offer maximum exposure for your events. Later submissions will be posted per the webmaster's discretion.


  1. Venue name, street address and phone
    (Note: If the venue is already shown in the Club Locations, the name of the venue is sufficient.)
  2. Time and date of the event
  3. If the listing is for a festival, the specific time of the appearance (and stage, if applicable)
  4. Any applicable links for the band, venue, festival or event
  5. Once you have begun getting your listings on the page, please send us the updates only, preferably with the word "UPDATE" in the subject of the email. (Please DO NOT put us on your mass email list).
  6. Please do not send any events that are not open to the public such as private parties, etc.
  7. Include ticket or cover charges, as applicable, if you wish.

Check the CALENDAR of Events page for accuracy periodically. If you see an error, please email us at:

Booking Policy:
Non-Festival Venues

The JSJBF Musicians' Support Committee is now booking member bands into local restaurant/nightclub venues. The purpose of this program is a) to open up new jazz and blues rooms in Ocean and Monmouth Counties, and b) to increase exposure for member bands.

Band Selection

To qualify for these bookings, a band must

  • be willing to play for what the gig pays.
  • be able to play with the number of personnel specified by the venue. Many of these are duo or trio bookings.
  • be suitable for the venue, as determined by the venue and the Musicians' Support Committee.
  • meet basic requirements for musicianship and professionalism, as determined by the Musicians' Support Committee.
  • be a paid-up JSJBF member band in good standing.

All bands that qualify for a specific venue will be placed in a rotating schedule for that venue and booked in turn. However, venues may request that their list be limited to a certain size or that specific bands appear more than once in the rotation.

Band membership guarantees equal consideration for all appropriate venues but does not guarantee selection for any venue.

To increase chances of being considered for these jobs, band members are encouraged to provide the Musician Database with a minimum acceptable salary and a minimum number of personnel. These minimums are not binding.

We STRONGLY recommend that you also send at least 5 CD's to the following address. We will keep your CD's on file and provide these CD's to venues when appropriate to help improve your booking chances. You also allow us to use these CD's in JSJBF raffles and other promotions in order to promote your band. Please send no more than 20 CDs for our files - we recommend 5 per Album. We will contact you if we run out of CDs.

There is NO FEE for this booking service - it is another added benefit of JSJBF membership!

Private Events

JSJBF is also making its member band book and compilation CD available to venues that host corporate parties and other private events. Band hiring is at the sole discretion of the venue.




CD 101.9 - Smooth Jazz

90.5 The Night


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