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We are saddened to have lost our jazz and blues comrades. So, in their honor we have created these scholarships as a means to continue their great love of music and the musical community.

Scholarship funds are provided by direct donations, fundraisers and by CD 101.9.

The TAL FARLOW Scholarship has been supporting young musicians for more than a decade. Download the application below and mail or fax back (Deadline for submission is May 1st, 2008):

The DAVID O. MACNAMARA Scholarship began in 2007.
Download the application below and mail or fax back (Deadline for submission is May 1st, 2008):

Tal Farlow Memorial Scholarship

Talmadge Holt Farlow was born in Greensboro, North Carolina, though he lived much of his life and died in 1998 in Sea Bright, New Jersey, USA.

Although his father was an amateur musician, Tal Farlow did not begin playing guitar until 1942, working as a professional sign-painter for several years. Before the decade was out he had achieved a sufficiently high standard to be hired by cabaret singer Dardanelle, vibraphonist Margie Hyams and clarinettist Buddy De Franco.

In 1950, by now a fleet and inventive guitarist inspired by Charlie Christian, he joined forces with another vibes player, Red Norvo, thus beginning a long-running and fruitful, if intermittent, musical partnership. The third member of this group was Charles Mingus. Although he initially struggled to keep up with Norvo's startling speed, Farlow developed a technique that in turn made him the fastest guitarist of his era. In 1953 Farlow worked with Artie Shaw, and later in the decade led his own trio on recordings for Blue Note Records and Verve Records, including work with Eddie Costa, but he drifted into retirement from music and concentrated on his career as a sign-painter.

In the late 60s he made a handful of festival appearances, returning to fairly consistent public performances in the late 70s. In the 80s he resumed his working relationship with Red Norvo, touring the USA, UK and Europe and delighting audiences, many of whom had been alerted to this fine musician's talents through a 1981 television documentary, Talmadge Farlow.

Farlow's breathtaking speed and fluent technique were highly influential, inspiring young guitarists such as John McLaughlin so we dedicate this scholarship in his name.

Tal Farlow Quartet 10-inch album (Blue Note 1954)***,
The Tal Farlow Album 10-inch album (Verve 1954)****,
The Artistry Of Tal Farlow reissued as Autumn In New York (Norgran 1955)***,
The Interpretations Of Tal Farlow (Norgran 1955)***,
A Recital By Tal Farlow (Norgran 1955)***,
Tal (Norgran 1956)****,
The Swinging Guitar Of Tal Farlow (Verve 1956)***,
Fuerst Set (Xanadu 1956)***,
Second Set (Xanadu 1956)***,
This Is Tal Farlow (Verve 1958)****,
The Guitar Artistry Of Tal Farlow (Verve 1959)****,
Tal Farlow Plays The Music Of Harold Arlen (Verve 1960)***,
Tal Farlow Returns (Prestige 1969)***,
On Stage (Concord Jazz 1976)**,
A Sign Of The Times (Concord Jazz 1976)***,
Tal Farlow 78 (Concord Jazz 1978)***,
Chromatic Palette (Concord Jazz 1981)***,
Cookin' On All Burners (Concord Jazz 1982)***,
The Legendary Tal Farlow (Concord Jazz 1984)**,
Standard Recital (FD Music 1992)**,
with Lenny Breau Chance Meeting 1980 recording (Guitarchives 1997)***.

David O. MacNamara Memorial Scholarship

He was born in New York City and graduated the University of Indiana at Bloomington. He was a radio personality on Sirius Satellite Radio where he was known as Dave Mac. Dave hosted shows on The Spectrum, Sirius Blues and Sirius Disorder channels. For many years, Dave also hosted Brookdale Community College's 90.5 FM "Box of Blues". Also, he was musical director for "Jody Joseph and the Average Joes" band.

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